• Technical Management
  • Crew Management
  • Commercial
  • Procurement
  • Marine Consultancy
  • New Building
  • Dry Docking, Maintenance & Repair

Technical Management

Our highly skilled and experienced Technical superintendents make sure our principals’ vessels are always maintained to the highest standards.

We ensure the vessels under our management are always ready to trade in the most demanding areas, always complying with the latest industry regulations, flag and class requirements.

Crew Management

Our goal is to create a pool of seafarers who will be part of UASM for years to come.

Our Crew department spends significant time and effort ensuring that our seafarers are qualified, experienced and competent. We also cultivate a fruitful and harmonic cooperation between our crew and our office personnel.

Our crew recruitment and training ventures, in India and Indonesia, proactively develop our very own Quality Seafarers to meet our concern. Currently, we have ready access to a pool of Indian, Indonesian, Pakistani, East European and Filipino officers & ratings in the system.

Through a fully computerized crew management operation, we ensure that all vessels in the fleet have officers & crew onboard with the required skills, training and certification for the vessel type

Our associates manning offices are audited regularly and operate under the direct supervision of UASM Personnel Department.


Our team efficiently organizes the procurement of stores and spare parts for the vessels under our management as well as for 3rd party sourcing the highest quality products.

By cooperating with the most professional suppliers around the world, we ensure that stores, provisions and spares are timely delivered to the vessels in an optimal and timely manner.

We ensure the vessels and the crew onboard these vessels have the supplies they need to operate safely and reliably


Our Chartering team comprises young and highly experienced in-house brokers. Our strength lies in our dynamic and flexible decision-making and immediate response to our clients’ needs for the safe and punctual transport of their valuable cargoes.

Our Sale and Purchase department offer direct access to both the Second Hand and Newbuilding markets having worked with many first class yards worldwide and maintaining strong relationships with all the major broking houses.

Our expertise comes from our continuous monitoring of all markets and our close relationship with owners and brokers globally.

Marine Consultancy

UASM provides Audit and Inspection services as part of our specialist support services. Utilising our pool of qualified and experienced personnel, we conduct Audits and Inspections on behalf of shipowners, potential purchasers, financial institutions and investors.

New Building

UASM provides a Newbuild Supervision service as part of our specialist support services. We supervise vessel construction and delivery ensuring all expectations are realized efficiently and cost-effectively.

The service includes all or any of the services listed below, structured to meet any client’s individual requirements

Advice on consideration of financial, technical, operational and environmental aspects.

• Support and advice from multi-skilled personnel with extensive experience.
• Initial planning, design feasibility and appraisal.
• Inspection and selection of potential builders.
• Soliciting of competitive bids.
• Contract negotiation.
• Setting and agreeing build schedules.
• Evaluation and approval of plans and drawings.
• Oversight and evaluation of model tests.
• Build supervision and management, including stringent quality control and detailed reporting.
• Oversight of shop tests, dock trials and sea trials.
• Attendance to Flag State and Classification Society matters.
• Storing up and preparation of the vessel for operational service.
• Post-delivery follow-up and performance monitoring, including guarantee docking and claims handling.

Dry Docking, Maintenance & Repair

Our Maintenance & Repair team provides onboard guidance, specialized crew training for critical maintenance activities and support for shore-based personnel to optimize planning and performance procedures and to minimize machinery downtime and maintenance costs, resulting in increased reliability and operational efficiency for ship owners.

The team additionally offers specialized assistance in vessel repairs, overseeing auxiliary engine overhauls with focus on maximising time between the overhauls and assistance with the dry-docking process.

The dry docking experts provide support to the technical superintendents to maximize budget savings and minimize off-hire time with their enhanced knowledge throughout the docking process.